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Seoul, South Korea

A series of photos I captured on our trip to Seoul.

What an amazing city, I visited recently with my girl and we were completely blown away. The city is full of life, from 11am to midnight, with tonnes of local businesses, cool clothing stores and themed cafe's and buzzing market alleys around every corner. One mega shopping mall isn't enough. The people are kind, softly spoken and ultra cool. Everybody dresses super well, couples match their outfits and the effort and work that goes into everything is unmatched. Even a cronut gets a beautifully designed poster. The cafe's are all designed like a well curated art gallery with artisanal baked goods and iced coffees on the menu. The roads are 12 lanes wide and people drive up on the sidewalks in a chaotic flow, don't look, just walk. We hit over 100 destinations on our map and there were so much more we found and explored, this city just kept on giving but there's still so much more. We'll be back one day, see you soon.



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