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Creating quality parts for builds of character across Australia. Whether you’re breathing life back into an old custom, or just changing up your stock daily rider, our range of gear offers functional minimalism that’s easy to use, universal and reliable.

Kelpi Custom Moto's logo was inspired by the founder's best friend, a loving and energetic Kelpie dog. We mixed the illustrated kelpie motif with classic motorcycle club shapes and typography to unite the two together.

"I knew that I needed to end up with gear that looked good, was priced fairly and worked well… Simple! My vision extended beyond a range of parts. I wanted to be able to help local riders with everything from parts and fitment through to designing their own custom build, going through the parts and work required, and even providing recommendations for local builders who would be most appropriate. I was completely lost when I started out in this space, and the industry at large can often take advantage of that lack of knowledge. Having mates in the know is always the way to go when you’re still fresh. These days my focus is on creating a small range of great parts that are easy to fit, broad in their applicability, minimalistic in their styling, and functional at their core."  - Jock Houston, Kelpi Founder

Illustration by Jessica Stapleton


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