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ETYMOLOGY  |  Art Direction & Design


A progressive footwear company informed by a disciplined approach to design and an international perspective on culture. Etymology marries modern design principles with time-honoured methods of traditional craftsmanship. Their designs draw from contemporary yet enduring elements found in architecture, furniture, music and art. Timeless and rigorously curated, Etymology seek to produce considered footwear that explores the culture of the past and character of the present.

Inspired by the theme of eras, personas, and raw materials for this campaign. I wanted to delve into the connection between one's identity, the act of gathering and preserving objects, and the passage of time. I chose to utilize a minimal, sophisticated aesthetic, paired with designer furniture, literature, and accessories as props. This allowed me to effectively convey the message of the campaign through my artwork.

Etymology Creative Director: Gabriel Abi-Saab

Etymology Brand & Marketing: William Phung

Photographer: Leif Prenzlau

Digital Operator: Mason Mackenzie Wood

First Assistant: Toby Wilkinson

Talent: Raul Pardeilhan

Special Thanks: Remy Ghougassian, Albert Phung, Shadi Obeid, Michael Nguyen, Jeffrey Zhou



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