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CHAUFFEUR by VINNY LUNAR and LOW BEAMS  |  Creative Direction, Design & Music Production

The concept of the EP is firstly about subverting the norm to present a different viewpoint on living in Australia. What would it be like if a white guy was the brown guy’s driver for a change? Low Beams provides the vehicle with a mix of chillwave, R&B, and electronic dance music for Vinny to channel his stories about identity, racism, and growing up in white Australia. Heavy themes that are too commonly shared amongst us but for all the gravitas Vinny & Low Beams have made a banging EP that is so very satisfying to listen to.

Combining Low Beams' aesthetic and love for cars with Vinny Lunar's Cultural Heritage, I created a series of 3D artworks using the classic Indian Ambassador taxi as the centrepiece, then matching colours and scenes to visually represent the themes and mood of each song from the EP.

3D Animation by Phillip Hensel

Photography by Simone Taylor

Mixing By Recep Uenel

Mastering by Polybonk